Our Team


Steven Smith, M.A.

Mr. Smith is an expert in dialogue and team building.  His negotiation skills have been applied in business, peace talks, and in government.He has assisted a diverse range of clients including  Chevron, PG&E, the US Government, and the United Nations.  Mr. Smith has been a successful entrepreneur and leader.

He is an effective public speaker and published author.  His current book project is the author's own story about being drawn from the private sector into the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide and other conflicts and what that experience taught him about how to manage the challenges facing us today.


Jen Heeg, Ph.D.

Dr. Heeg's diverse background spans academia, policy, programs, and activism. She is a specialist in race, class, and gender relations in the related fields of peacebuilding, community strengthening, youth engagement, and equity/inclusion. She has over 14 years professional experience in the United States and overseas, especially in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. As an evaluator and researcher, Jen is committed to cultural humility and systems thinking.