Seminars & Public Speaking

The best extemporaneous remarks are well-rehearsed.

- - Abraham Lincoln



Our training helps participants build the communications skills they need to be successful.  We use seminars as working sessions to solve problems and create plans that begin to put solutions into action right away.  Our philosophy is that seminars - and retreats - can be unique opportunities to break through habits and barriers that impede cooperation and creativity. 

Build Teams for Life

isn't that what it's about?

We build trust.  We use constructive dialogue so people can hear each other.  We find this is essential for longterm success whether it be working through a business plan upgrade, creating a partnering relationship with another firm, or ending actual conflict among combatants.  We've done all of these things and more and want to share our experience with you.




Work and Business Success and Achievement - Men Conquering Mountain

Create Visions

because you must.

Human beings are creative by nature.  When that creativity is allowed to thrive, very good things happen.  Walls break down.  People begin to see each other as collaborators, not competitors.  Things that seemed difficult become everyday,  the impossible just another challenge.  Crazy talk?  Think of the challenges that at one time seemed an impossible dream to accomplish -- cures for infectious diseases, human flight, ending slavery, landing on the moon.  The impossible only exists when creativity is blocked.  Constructive dialogue builds the trust and confidence needed to accomplish even the most daunting tasks.  Let share our knowledge and expertise with your team members.


And Transform Conflict

into something much more interesting.

Fighting can become a habit.  Conflict can seem not just the last option, but the first. When this happens, trust breaks down, nothing works, even under extreme pressure.  At this point, you have a choice, leave or change.  We want to help you change, because conflict doesn't have to be your first or last option.  Whether you are a large  business,  small company or organization we know how to help.  We know, because we've helped in some of the world's worst conflicts.  We've done it for Fortune 500 companies, for state and local government, the United Nations, and for non-profits.  If you are stuck in a seemingly unwinnable situation, get in touch to see how we can help.